The Hooch Manual

The hooch manual is now available as a downloadable ftp file. The illustrations are all in 3D format, utilyzing Googles' free Sketchup solftware Sketchup. Step by step instructions are provided with Microsoft Word, with hyperlinks to the corresponding Sketchup files. This format provides a clear explanation of the process of building, and the techniques of building the hooch. Full files are devoted to each stage, including a full blowup of materials, necessary tools, hardware, and erection techniques. Sketchup allows close inspection and measurement of lengths and mitred cuts. Additional files include pics of existing hooches from around the world, as well as different versions of the hooch- temperate/tropical, and an all dimensional lumber, platform framed hooch.
Choice of material is dependent on local availability. In the tropics, Guadua angustifolia bamboo is by far the best choice for the poles. In the North, I have used Douglas fir and lodgepole pine. I suggest woven bamboo for walls below the counter, as they provide an airy , aesthetic feel.

You can order the manual through our online store. Upon processing, I will send you the username and password of the ftp site for immediate retrieval of the full manual.

Cost of Manual: $50

     I am offering kits with all components pre-cut to length, all hardware, with the construction manual (Poles and foundation are not included, as they are best found locally). E-mail me for prices, shipping, scheduling
         I am also offering my services for complete construction, from concept to finished product, on the West coast. A visit to hooches already constructed can be arranged by appointment only. I have one in our backyard in Ashland, OR, one in Veneta, OR, outside of Eugene, Bambooguy has one in Beaver, OR, and most recently, there is now an LA hooch in Venice, CA.

Please e-mail me for any further questions at: