"You've probably never seen such a house as this... The world is full of nice, ordinary little people, who live in nice, ordinary little houses, on the ground. But didn't you ever dream of living in a house in the treetops?"

-father Robinson, in Disneys' version of "Swiss Family Robinson"

As seen on the Travel Channel's "Amazing Vacation Homes".


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This is the internet home of the tropical treehouse in the lush hills of Rincon, Puerto Rico. The summer season is upon us. The cooling, afternoon showers brings new growth, and the lush foliage, flowers, and fruit just add to the total hooch experience. Sam is running the show this summer, and he is totally knowledgeable about the surf scene. If that is on your agenda, he's the guy.

Stay here, and never want to leave. Or, stay here, and venture out. The treehouse and Puerto Rico offer a wealth of island ambiance and tropical activities, whatever vacation movie you want to make.

Sunsets dominate the experience here, green flashes are a phenomena best seen from a hooch. Come stay in our treehouses, watch the sunset, listen to the coqui frog, and our local Puerto Rican owl.

The Luna hooch ($110/ night)& the Sunset hooch ($135/ night) are totally self-sufficient treehouses- solar hot water, shower, kitchenette, flush toilet, and a queen size bed in the penthouse suite- with a killer view. Sweet!

And now, we would like to introduce the new Buddha hooch ($160/night). A deluxe, hexagonal, spacious hooch with its own private entrance.

For reservations/availability, e-mail us @: capnkook86@gmail.com

or, especially if this is a last minute reservation (less than 2 weeks), give Sam a call @:

Sams' cell: (530) 448-6560

Combination packages are also available.

Check out the accommodations/reservations section for amenities and details.

For a nice picture/music video of Rincon', check this out


The Master Bedroom Hooch

The Sunset Hooch and the Luna hooch

The Buddha hooch bedroom


Getting here - We have an excellent airport here on the West coast of Puerto Rico- Aguadilla International (BQN). Three major airlines arrive daily - JetBlue , Continental , and Spirit . Departure stateside airports include JFK, Newark, Orlando, and Ft. Lauderdale. The drive to the treehouse is about 45 minutes. Another alternative is to fly into SanJuan, which is also served by American Airlines. The drive across the island takes about 2 1/2 hours. I would suggest a stay in Old San Juan for the total package of history, art galleries, and finally your treehouse getaway.

Sunset Hooch Slide Show

Luna Hooch Slide Show

Tropical Treehouse Main House Slideshow

Flash Treehouse Slide Show   New
suggestion: view full screen, and turn up the volume

Flash Hooch Slide Show (for all the true believers out there)- hooches from all over the world

Treehouse News: Go here for the latest hooch news- new hooches in the world, the builders' manual, building services, a bunch of interesting stuff.

As for the rest of this site, check it out -- lots of pics, new pics, slide shows, flash presentations, bamboo, and assorted non-fiction. Enjoy your stay, virtually, or for real- in Puerto Rico.

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Tropical Treehouse, Rincon, Puerto Rico
you are listening to our permanent resident, the Puerto Rican coqui tree frog
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