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        The original hooch was designed for the tropics. With full length bamboo poles from foundation to roof, it was the model upon which all succeeding hooches evolved. The Pacific Northwest hooch uses douglas fir poles, and has become a pre-fabricated, single point foundation treehouse. Sold as a kit, or installed, the pre-fabricated design speeds the installation process. The unique cable tension system allows the hooch to be placed virtually anywhere, with little impact on the site.
         Douglas fir poles are plentiful in the Pacific Northwest, and serve well as a renewable component of the hooch (small diameter poles are routinely cut down to make room for remaining trees to achieve marketable size). However, long poles are much more difficult to ship, and are not available in many areas of the US. In response, I have designed a timber framed hooch, with short dimensional lumber poles. The new hooch kit now contains all the precision cut components, plus many new options the design allows. A subsequent dimensional lumber design maintains the balloon framing concept, while still allowing full component shipping. Which design strategy is best is dependent on site and personal preference.   


Floor size
Pole Design Kit * **
Timber Frame Kit **
Pole Kit Installed * ***
Timber Frame Kit Installed ***
6' by
$ 6,000
$ 6,500
$ 12,000
$ 13, 000
8' by
10' by
$ 10,500
$ 20,000
$ 21,000
12' by
12' ****
$ 12,500
$ 24,000
$ 25,000

* Poles not included (purchased locally)
** Plus shipping
*** Only on the West coast, subject to scheduling. Travel allowance @ .75/mile, round trip.
**** Available in Oregon, California, Arizona, and Washington (minimum size for building permit> 200 square feet)

      Available options include:

tread, stairway (instead of ladder),              Enclosed living area                   Kitchenette landing
Insulated enclosure                                      Solar(active and passive)             Built-in shelves, bins
Bamboo Chandelier                                     Woven Bamboo half wall            Porch (all concepts)
12 volt wiring                                                Clear skylight                             Shutters/Awnings


and any other conceptual customization. Please e-mail me for quote or guesstimation:


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