bamboo goods for the urban jungle dweller

The store

The "Urban Bamboo"  store is an informal portal for the discriminating urbanite to find designer, utilitarian bamboo goods. Our designs arise from a desire to offer utility with style relying on the inherent beauty and utility of bamboo. The designs in this store can be found nowhere else. We design, produce, and market our goods for this store only.  

The goods

1. Table torchiere- the classic bamboo lamp.
Made from a single culm of bamboo, the shade is 64
splits of bamboo that are twisted and maintained with
brass wire. The base is split into a tripod. A switch on
the 10' cord controls the CFL or LED bulb.(not included)

Light, energy efficient, resource efficient,
 natural, eco-friendly.

Price: $100.00, plus postage and handling

2. Table task lamp - An adjustable task lamp
that can shine light in any direction- on the table,

on a painting, or straight-up- as a torchiere.
Equipped with a toggle switch, and 10 feet of cord.

CFL/LED bulbs (recommended)(not included)

light, energy efficient, resource efficient, natural,
and task specific.

$120. plus postage and handling

3. Floor torchiere - The floor torchiere stands 6' tall and on its own.
Equipped with a toggle switch,
and ten feet of cord, it is the quintessential bamboo lamp .
$120 plus postage and handling

4) floor task lamp-A matching full length version
of the table task lamp. Infinitely adjustable, shine the
light anywhere. Equipped with a 40 watt compact flourescent
bulb, toggle switch, and 10 feet of cord.

energy efficient, resource efficient, beautiful.

Height approx. 72" 

  plus postage and handling

wall sconce
- two woven split bamboo pieces
mounted in either a vertical or horizontal position provides
an ideal fixture for a bathroom vanity or foyer.

Height approx. 36" 

 plus postage & handling

6. Chandelier- The ultimate in bamboo design.
Three split bamboo, interlaced lights in a hexagon
loop around the central split bamboo task lamp.
 Optional clear incandescent bulbs with dimmer,

or CFL bulbs.

$650 plus postage and handling




Bamboo bicycle panniers- for the efficient urban warrior.
Strap these bamboo
panniers onto your rear
carrier frame, and turn
your bicycle into a stylin
utility vehicle (suv).
Designed to fit the
standard grocery paper

bag on each side, the
bamboo design is
lightweight, rugged,
easily removable, and
capable of handling
max loading. 

$150 plus postage and


8. The Hooch builders' manual

the complete builders manual with step by step instructions. Each phase of

construction is accompanied by full 3D Sketchup models. The manual includes

a full materials list, necessary hardware, tools needed, and a pictorial review

of previous hooches that have planted themselves on this Earth. Additional

hooch modifications includes an enclosed temperate climate hooch, a hooch

kitchenette design, and a platform framed hooch (when long poles are not available)

Upon payment receipt, I will send you a username and password to access the online manual.







Additional bamboo accessories for your bike- handlebar grips, fenders, and mud guards, are available by special orders.

Many more designs are available, as well as custom orders. Please e-mail me for further information: