Selected Topics

The following is a list of bamboo related articles. Click on the title to go to the text.

The Lost Grove: an account of a recent excursion to the montane forests of Puerto Rico in search of the lost grove of bamboo.

Guerilla Bamboo: the story of a brush with the law.

Bamboo Bojangles: A chapter from a recent sailboat passage from Puerto Rico to Florida.

Historical Perspective: A historical account of bamboo in Puerto Rico.

Design Philosophy: an overall view of Island Ambiance philosophy.

Bamboo Bends: an argument for an paradigm shift of architectural conventions to reflect the inherent qualities of bamboo.

Bamboomimicry: an analysis of the concept of biomimicry, and its relevance to bamboo construction.

Hooch Interview: a fictitious interview for a fictitious on-line magazine. 

Extreme Eco Architecture - a recent article in Ecobuilding Times-the newsletter of the Northwest Ecobuilding guild, fall, 2005

Building Bamboo in Costa Rica - a recent article in the Bamboo Magazine

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