The Tub Hooch

     The new tub hooch was completed on December 18, 2005. It is now available for rent- as a private treehouse, or as a separate bedroom for a larger group in the main house.

    The tub hooch features a fully functional kitchenette- with wrap around counters, a sink, a cooler, a stove, and adequate dishes, utensils, pots and pans for anything you can possibly cook up. The base of the hooch is enclosed with wrap around woven bamboo. The shower and flush toilet are here. The upper bedroom is accessible via a bamboo ladder, with wrap around counter, woven bamboo, and a queen size bed. 12 volt electric lights provide adequate lighting.
     The Tub hooch gets its name from the the old concrete watering tub at the top of the ridge. Used to provide water for cattle in years past, it is now tiled and landscaped. A daily dose of solar hot water provides a nice tub for soaking. A woven bamboo fence provides privacy.
      Click the pics for larger views. Or, come here, and enjoy. Life in the trees is good.