Vacation Retreat

Our humble tropical hideaway has been available for short term vacation rentals for over three years now. During that time, many people have shared our enjoyment of our bamboo bungalow. Situated on over 10 acres of landscaped tropical foliage with views of the Caribbean sea, I am sure many have found it difficult to return to an otherwise ordinary existence.

The house is designed in the traditional West Indian style, with abundant porches and hammocks, and lies amidst a grove of ancient mango trees and bamboo.We are just minutes by bicycle to the miles of beaches here in Rincon', on the West coast of Puerto Rico.

Our home is known locally as the "casa de bambu", with its' abundance of bamboo appointments and its bamboo "hooch", a separate bamboo gazebo that serves as the master bedroom. Our home and hooch have been featured in numerous periodicals including Mother Earth News, USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle, The Oregonian, Eugene Press Gazette, New York magazine, Travel and Leisure, and, most recently, Natural Home magazine.

In addition, our home and treehouse are and will be featured in several books, including World Treehouses: the house that Jack Built, by David Pearson and Bamboo Style, by Gale Beth Goldberg.

Enjoy a stay, hang-out in a hammock, watch the sun set, do nothing for a change. We have the soft tropical breezes, the magnificent sunsets, and a chorus of Coqui tree frogs after the sun sets in the blue caribbean sea. The world is a beautiful place, even more so here. Please e-mail us for additional details at:
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